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Dermo dry

Dissolves sweaty feet and odors



When do you use Dermo Dry?

Dermo Dry is a foot cream for the control of

  • Sweaty feet or very perspiring feet
  • Fungal Infections

How does Dermo Dry work?

Thanks to zinc oxide, it dries the pores completely and stops excessive perspiration. It also contains an agent that neutralizes odors. However, your feet and the skin between your toes never get sealed off but continue to breathe thanks to Dermo Dry.

  • Between 3 and 14 days you will have perfect results
  • The product does not close off your pores
  • It dries out your sweat glands
  • Unpleasant odors disappear

What makes Dermo Dry so special as a foot cream?

Dermo Dry is one of the newest products from HFL Laboratories. Already after a few days you notice the difference and after up to two weeks your sweaty feet are a thing of the past. Indeed, Dermo Dry dissolves sweaty feet within two weeks!

One of the most special features of Dermo Dry is that it does not close the pores. That would only cause a blockage of the sweat glands and only make your problems worse. Instead, this cream slightly dries out the sweat glands. Excess sweating stops, your feet feel dry and normal again and those – very nasty – odors are gone!

Dermo Dry also works well if you suffer from fungal infections between the toes or on the skin. After all, mold comes from moist feet. The “drying” effect of the active ingredient zinc oxide prevents exactly that moisture.