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Specialised foot care

Specialised foot care that relieves foot afflictions

Have you been suffering from certain foot afflictions for some time? In that case, you can turn to SOS Produits to receive effective specialised foot care. My treatments include:

Taking care of feet afflicted by diabetes & arthritis

Getting rid of ingrown toenails

Treating cracks & excess calluses

Getting rid of corns

Cutting, filing & taking care of nails

medische pedicure voeten

(Foot) reflexology as a solution

In addition to specialised foot care, I am familiar with (foot) reflexology. I treat painful areas on your hands or feet by stimulating and massaging your nerves.

That way, I stimulate your blood flow and circulation, since your nerves are connected to your organs and other parts of the body. I dissolve existing obstructions and reduce your physical and/or mental issues, which may include insomnia, stress, sadness, allergies and metabolic problems.

Practical information

If you are interested in specialised foot care or a reflexology session, I have three locations available for you. Firstly, you can schedule an appointment at my practice in Wetteren. Secondly, I travel throughout Wetteren and its surrounding areas for specialised foot care at home. Finally, you can regularly find me at LDC De Koffiebranderij. There, you can schedule a session through an appointment. Afterwards, you can easily pay with cash, via Payconiq or using another banking app.

In need of a medical pedicure?

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