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Solution drops

Increases your resistance and immunity and excellent addition to the solution spray to treat fungi



When to use Solution Drops.

  • Against fungal infections
  • For more resistance

How it works.

Solution Drops increase the resistance in the intestinal flora, by fighting the local fungal bacteria.

These drops are a perfect complement to the use of Solution Spray, which treats the fungus from the outside: the drop also tackles the fungal infection from the inside. Solution Drops are in fact homeopathic drops based on colloidal silver, which has an antifungal effect and also increases the resistance of the intestinal flora.

Thanks to these properties, the Solution Drops are not only suitable for the treatment of fungal nails, but they are also very good against, for example, a starting bladder infection, earache and – more generally – to increase the resistance.

If you are pregnant, we recommend that you consult your doctor before use.