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Magic foot deo

Dispels and prevents sweaty feet



Use this pleasantly delicious foot deo as regular care and prevention, or to combat unpleasant odors from downright sweaty feet.

Do you stand up straight and work all day?
Do you wear heavy-duty work boots?
Do you have athletic shoes on all the time?
Or do you just suffer from sweaty, clammy feet?

Then this is your thing!

So how does this Magic Foot Deo work?

The unpleasant odor that your feet give off actually comes from bacteria and fungi. After all, they thrive very well in moist, warm places. This footdeo really has a magical effect against the bacteria, namely the same effect as the Solution Spray. Your feet become drier but irritated and very dry feet soften with it!

What makes Magic Foot Deo a unique deo?

There are many deodorants available on the market. You’re also going to find different deos for feet. But there is not one with this combined effect of the Magic Foot Deo:

  • softening
  • softly drying
  • antifungal
  • healing

This effective footdeo against all kinds of foot ailments is also very easy to use. So you can enjoy its power every day, every hour and wherever you are: in a clothes store fitting room or in the work van at the yard, in the cafeteria or locker room, in the gym or on a walk! No fuss, just spray. Twice daily as a treatment or as needed for problems. The overheating turns into a fresh feeling. Sweaty feet dry up a bit, but overly dry feet are softened.