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Sparkling Scrub

Cleanses and softens your skin



When to use Sparkling Scrub.

Sparkling Scrub is ideal for gently.

  • remove dead skin flakes
  • cleanse your skin thoroughly and intensively

How does Sparkling Scrub work?

Those who want to properly cleanse their hands and feet but in extremely gentle conditions will choose this Sparkling Scrub from HFL Products. Sparkling Scrub

  • cleanses the skin
  • can be used both wet and dry
  • contains strawberry seeds instead of plastic granules

As most HFL Products do, Sparkling Scrub stands out from other similar products. Specifically, thanks to its unique composition that makes this scrub usable both dry and wet – very handy for those who don’t like foot baths – and because of the strawberry seeds instead of plastic (!) like other scrubs. So a natural product, with the added benefit that Sparkling Scrub cleanses extra intensively thanks to the irregular sizes and shapes of three different types of strawberry seeds!