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S.O.S cream

S.O.S. Cream is indicated as first aid against bothersome skin reactions such as:

  • allergic reactions
  • stress eczema
  • red skin
  • rough or chapped skin

S.O.S. Cream is also very nice if you just use it as a hand cream. Then he also has a preventive effect.




This cream is a First Aid for Discomforts! S.O.S. Cream serves to soothe the first annoying skin reactions, such as red, rough and chapped skin, irritated skin or allergic reactions and ‘stress eczema’. S.O.S. Cream supports your skin’s ability to repair itself and make it more resilient.

S.O.S. Cream is the ideal skin cream for the whole family, from young to older. Everyone suffers from hypersensitive skin from time to time. So keep this product around at all times.

How it works.

S.O.S. Cream penetrates deep into the skin. The strengthening product contains collagen and elastin that soften and protect the skin from within. For the best care of your whole family.

Among others:

  • collagen
  • elastin
  • ginseng
  • soy extract
  • chamomile
  • Ginkgo biloba leaf extract

Jar of 50 ml (one year shelf life after opening)

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50ml jar