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Roselan balm

Heals extremely dry skin from the inside out!



How does Roselan Balm work?

Roselan Balm was developed

  • for the care of extremely dry skin
  • for the healing of wounds and cracks
  • for a recovery of the second skin layer

Roselan Balm is HFL Products’ skin care ointment with a natural, deep healing effect. This ointment is indicated for the treatment of dry skin, chaps and cracks, dry patches, calluses and skin conditions such as psoriasis and cold sores.

What makes Roselan Balm so strong?

  • Roselan Balm is not just an ordinary skin ointment. It is specially designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. With the help of your own body fluids and some support from the active natural ingredients.
  • Roselan Balm treats excessively dry skin so effectively thanks to its intensively moisturizing and protective ingredients, such as lanolin. They not only repair the top layer of skin, but also address the underlying layers. Which immediately gives excellent results in the treatment of psoriasis and extremely dry, damaged skin.
  • Thanks to the soothing, moisturizing and hydrating effects of Roselan Balm, irritation and pain also relieve very quickly.

A combination of Dermoleen Cream and Roselan Balm is recommended for severe cases. These two products complement each other very well and give brilliant results. Roselan Balm is preferably applied in the morning, and Dermoleen Cream in the evening.

Working substances :

  • Petrolatum / Clinical
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Lanolin

Petrolatum is a clinical grade pure white or translucent petroleum jelly that does soak into the skin!
Salicylic Acid is only 2% on the active ingredients. This is too little to be debatable and thus may be used on diabetic patients.
Lanolin; better known as sheep fat. This substance is also clinical and therefore fully purified. Contains no animal substances and can therefore be used by persons with a hypersensitivity thereto.

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