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Hair and Care

Cares for your scalp and fights dandruff



When do you use Hair & Care?

Hair & Care is safe, gentle shampoo. Because like the HFL Bodygel, it contains no soap or perfume. This gentle and safe “shampoo without shampoo and soap” is extremely suitable for the treatment of

  • Sensitive or dry skin
  • Dandruff and dander
  • Psoriasis
  • Hypersensitive and allergic reactions to shampoo and soap

With this gentle care, you motivate your scalp and hair to recover. This action thus remedies problems such as a very sensitive or dry scalp, flakes or dandruff: your skin gets the rest it needs to relax and heal.

What makes Hair & Care special?

It is the ultra-soft version of Bodygel, especially for the problems outlined above that can result from an extremely sensitive or dry scalp. For this group of people Hair & Care has been specially developed!

Hair & Care is an all-in-one shampoo with nourishing conditioner that additionally nourishes the hair. This eliminates the need to use additional cream rinse after you wash your hair.

Of course, the HFL Hair & Care is suitable for all types of hair and can also be used as a daily shampoo for those who simply like to take good care of their hair, i

n all certainty. Because this hair care is not only gentle, it cleanses effectively.

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