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Sensafin body lotion

Contributes to the recovery of dry and flaky skin



This protective body lotion is specially developed for extra dry skin. Sensitive and dry skin is fragile skin that struggles to protect itself.

One of the reasons for this is that less skin’s own fats are produced. For example, the skin’s barrier function is not as good, and the skin is less able to retain moisture. When the skin dries out, the skin itself starts to produce additional skin fats to replace the lack of skin fats and thus repair the skin barrier.

This recovery takes about 1 week, provided the skin is left alone and given time to recover. Rubbing the surface of the skin with a protective body lotion gives the skin a good chance to fully recover. HFL Sensafin helps restore the skin’s natural balance by protecting and moisturizing. A body cream that provides the protection needed without feeling greasy.

Thus contributes to the intensive care of dry and especially flaky skin. Due to its hydrophilic ingredients, this body lotion is perfect to use as a daily skin care product. Sensafin Bodylotion is suitable for all skin types, is fragrance free and can be used daily. Contains urea, petrolatum and glyceryl, among other ingredients. In the presence of skin disorders, it is strongly recommended to also use the PH neutral HFL Bodygel to wash the body and/or hair. Treatment Apply to the skin once or twice daily. While showering or bathing, use a pH neutral wash product such as HFL Bodygel to protect the skin barrier. The HFL Sparkling scrub can be used weekly if necessary.