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Fresh gel

Lighten your legs



When do you use Fresh Gel?

Fresh Gel provides relief from

  • Muscle & joint pains
  • Cramps
  • Winter feet & hands
  • Tired legs or heavy legs
  • Burns

For complaints such as sore or sensitive muscles, tired or heavy legs, sweaty feet and the painful effects of sunburn, apply Fresh Gel to the painful areas regularly and according to your needs. Gently spread the gel and allow it to soak in slowly. Immediate relief of symptoms is guaranteed!

As part of a daily care regimen and to prevent the return of symptoms after treatment, it is best to apply the gel twice a day.

How does Fresh Gel work?

Rubbing your legs with Fresh Gel works to dilate blood vessels. This promotes blood circulation and relieves pain.

Fresh Gel is definitely an extraordinary product with a beneficial effect for people who suffer from tired and/or heavy legs and feet. Thanks to the special and unique composition of the active ingredients, the gel has a cooling effect and stimulates blood circulation.

Thanks to the better blood flow, the waste products in the muscles are discharged faster. In addition, the wonderful cooling effect provides even faster relief from pain! This cooling effect also makes Fresh Gel from HFL Products extremely suitable for treating sweaty feet and for sunburn – to cool the skin after excessive exposure to the sun.

The combination of this cooling and soothing effect with the vasodilatory effect – which in turn improves your circulation quickly! – makes this an exceptionally good product for treating muscle and joint pain. In addition, the gel is very good to use in combination with compression stockings in the treatment of heavy legs.

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