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Dermolen cream

Rehydrates and protects against dry skin



When do you use Dermoleen Cream?

Dermolen Cream is indicated for the following skin conditions

  • Dry and sensitive skin
  • Gorges
  • Skin Flakes
  • Psoriasis

Dermoleen Cream has excellent hydrating and moisturizing properties and therefore works well against excessively dry skin. In addition, Dermoleen Cream restores the acidity of your skin. This way, your protective layer itself remains protected!

However, many of our customers are so satisfied with the caring effect and pleasant effect of Dermoleen Cream that they also continue to use the skin cream daily as a body lotion, to properly care for their skin and permanently protect it from drying out.

For the treatment of very dry skin and psoriasis, a combination of Dermoleen Cream and Roselan Balm recommended. These two products complement each other very well and give brilliant results. Apply Roselan Balm preferably in the morning, and Dermoleen Cream in the evening.

Working substances :

  • Urea
    Alkyl Benzoate
    Citric Acid

Urea is 10% on the working compounds and therefore too little to be debatable. Thus, this product may also be used by diabetic patients.
Dermoleen cream is also made with a clinical and therefore pure cream.

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